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    Ready to apply or curious what it takes to become a CAT student? This page will outline our general Admissions policies, but you can always reach out to a Program Advisor for personalized information.


    In order to be considered eligible to apply for a CAT program, you must:


    Have a secondary school diploma or equivalent



    Must be 19 years of age or older

    Canadian Citizen

    Be a Canadian Citizen or landed immigrant


    Valid Student Visa*

    Be an international student with a valid Student Visa*

    *Visit our International Admissions page for additional requirements for International Students

    Admissions Requirements

    Please see below for our general admission requirements. Please note, that additional requirements, such as a portfolio, are required for certain programs. Please see our Admissions Process page for complete details or reach out to a Program Advisor.

    Requirements to apply to a CAT program are:

    • Completed online application form
    • Non-Refundable $150 Application & Assessment Fee
    • High School Transcripts (for applicants 18 years or younger)
    • Admissions Essay
    • $500 Tuition Deposit

    Program Advising

    Our team of Program Advisors exists with the sole purpose of helping guide you in identifying your personal, academic, and professional goals. They are knowledgeable and passionate about the industries we train for and will help you make an informed decision before you enroll. Program Advisors are available to meet with you in person, or virtually to answer any questions you may have. Advisors can even set you up to attend a class, so you can experience the CAT difference for

    Program Start Dates

    CAT offers three start dates a year:

    • April
    • July
    • October Primary Intake

    ALL programs start in October each year, and selected programs may have other intake options available. Please inquire with a Program Advisor if you are interested in a specific start date for your program of choice.

    Application Deadlines

    Although we encourage you to submit your application a minimum of six weeks prior to the program start date, with permission, applications received after this time may still be eligible for admission. All applications received less than six weeks prior to the program start require the tuition deposit be paid in full as well as all other admissions requirements to be completed at the time of the application. Your Program Advisor can assist you with completing your application on time. We’re here to help!

    If you are applying 6 weeks or more before program start date you must:

    Submit Application

    * You must still provide all other required admissions documents and payments prior to the program start date.

    If you are applying 6 weeks or less before program start date you must:

    Submit Application

    Tuition Deposit paid in full

    All admission requirements must be completed at the time of application


    Students who meet our admissions requirements are notified by email usually within two weeks of the school receiving completed application packages. Upon acceptance into a program, a tuition deposit is required to complete the registration process. The deposit is applied against tuition and treated in accordance with the Private Training Institutions Branch.

    Applicants who have not met the requirements for admission will be contacted by the Admissions Office at the Centre. Official application status will not be given over the telephone.

    Application status can fall under any of the three following heading:


    A seat is reserved for the applicant pending payment of the tuition deposit and completion of the registration procedure.

    Conditionally Accepted

    A seat is reserved for the applicant pending receipt of specified requirements.

    Not Accepted

    The applicant has not met the admission requirements, or the information requested has not been received.

    Part-Time Studies

    Many individual courses within a diploma program are available for part-time enrollment. Part-time students are enrolled on a first-come, first-served basis and all part-time seats are subject to availability and are prioritized after full-time students. Please note that more advanced courses may have applicable prerequisites including related courses from previous semesters.

    For additional details on part-time studies please visit our Part-Time page or contact a Program Advisor by calling us at 1.866.860.2787 or clicking the button below. 

    Frequently Asked Questions
    Let’s Get You Answers

    What are the admission requirements?

    We believe everyone has the right to an education so we don’t make you jump through a ton of hoops here at the Centre for Arts and Technology. Fill out the application online, pay your application fee of $150, submit an official transcript, and write an essay telling us about you, your goals, and your career aspirations. You will need to also submit your portfolio if you’re applying to photography or animation. (only for certain programs!).
    Have more questions? Speak with a Program Advisor about your next steps!

    Do you offer financial assistance?

    Yes, we do but the financial assistance program applicable to you will depend on your eligibility. Each program has a different set of eligibility requirements. We can help you with applying for grants, scholarships, bursaries, government student loans, private student loans, part-time jobs and much more. There are many options available to you and we are happy to assist you. Feel free to visit our college campus Finance office or talk to our Financial Advisor to discuss your financing needs further.