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    Step one – apply

    Apply Online

    Complete the online application form

    Application & Assessment Fee

    Visit our Payments page to pay your $150 non-refundable application fee.

    Essay/Letter of Intent

    We’re excited to get to know you better! In an email to your Program Advisor, please share at least 250 words about yourself and your enthusiasm for the program you’ve applied to. We’re here to help, so if you need assistance crafting your message, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re genuinely interested in hearing about what makes you tick and why you’re so passionate about this program. Let your personality shine through as you tell us your story!

    Feel free to share any relevant previous experiences you have, but don’t worry if you’re just starting out – after all, you applied to learn! It’s awesome to also mention how your educational goals align with your future career plans. Plus, if you’ve been part of any activities that showcase your amazing teamwork skills, definitely tell us about them! We’re here to learn more about you and your journey, so let your enthusiasm shine through!

    Portfolio for Admission (Professional Photography & Animation Only)

    2D Animation & Digital Art (Required)

    Email a portfolio of the following 13 original drawings to your Program Advisor:

    5 realistic drawings (Ideally these drawings have shading and detail):

    • Perspective drawing of a room in your home (normal eye-level angle of view)
    • Drawings of animals, drawings of a person you know

    3 character design drawings:

    • Your own character design in 3 different action poses

    5 additional drawings at your discretion – you choose! (Best to choose drawings that you already have that demonstrate a range of artistic abilities and styles)

    3D Animation (Optional)

    Email a portfolio of 4 the following original drawings to your Program Advisor:

    • 4 realistic drawings (Ideally these drawings have shading and detail)
    • Drawing of a person you know
    • Perspective drawing of a room in your home (normal eye level angle of view)
    • Drawing of an animal
    • Drawing of your own hand

    Please note – drawings may be digital or traditional and then scanned or photographed.

    Professional Photography (Required)

    Email a portfolio of the following 20 images (JPEG) to your Program Advisor:

    • 2 landscape photos
    • 2 action (can be sports) photos
    • 2 architectural photos
    • 2 portrait photos
    • 2 creative photos
    • 10 additional photos at your discretion – you choose!

    After the items above are completed (apply, pay fee, essay and portfolio), it will take approximately 1-2 weeks to receive your acceptance letter. We use DocuSign, so you’ll sign everything electronically and there is a 7-day due date to sign and submit.

    Step Two – Secure Your Spot


    Sign the online documents through DocuSign. For students under the age of 19, an email requesting signature through DocuSign will be sent to both student and parent (or legal guardian).


    Pay your $500 tuition deposit. Upon acceptance into a program at the Centre, a $500 payment is required to complete your application process. This deposit is treated in accordance with the General Directives under the Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB) and will be deducted from your tuition. This is not an extra cost as it is part of the full tuition. If needed, this payment can be split into two equal payments of $250.


    Please email pictures of your identification to your Program Advisor. We require 2 pieces of Government-issued ID, and one must have a photo.


    Applicants 18 Years and Younger

    Applicants 18 years or younger must have completed high school and submit a transcript. You do not need to provide transcripts at the time you apply. If you can fulfill all other admission requirements, you may be granted conditional acceptance with full acceptance pending your submission of official transcripts.

    If you’re still in high school, please prearrange for your transcripts to be sent directly to our college. We understand they will not arrive until after graduation in July.

    Centre for Arts and Technology
    Landmark Technology Centre, Building #3
    Suite 100 (main floor) – 1632 Dickson Avenue
    Kelowna, BCV1Y 7T2

    Applicants 19 Years and Older

    If you are 19 years and older, official copies of post-secondary transcripts are suggested but not required.

    Step Three – Connect with our Finance Department

    Our Finance Department is a valuable asset to you and can offer guidance in planning the best way for you to finance your education. This department can offer information and resources for available scholarships, bursaries and student loans as well as information on setting up a payment plan. Please note – a second tuition deposit of $800 is required 30 days prior to the start of your program.

    You May Also Want to Know


    All programs at the Centre are designed through extensive research and consultation with instructional staff and industry professionals. Content, texts, course times, instructional staff, etc., are reviewed on a continuous basis. The Centre reserves the right to make ongoing changes to these elements to reflect current industry trends and to ensure and maintain high educational standards. While every attempt is made to offer courses and programs on a regular quarterly schedule, the Centre reserves the right to suspend or delay the offering of a program, course or courses, due to insufficient enrolment or for reasons that are beyond the school’s control. Should a course be suspended or delayed, the Centre reserves the right to offer said course(s) as soon as enrolment dictates or to substitute a course of similar value and content.


    Centre for Arts and Technology will not establish requirements for admission that are either implicit or explicitly based on personal characteristics such as race, ancestry, ethnic origin, sex, gender identity, age, marital and or family status, sexual orientation, or physical disability.

    We assess each applicant on the basis of attitude, motivation, professionalism, dedication, perseverance, and a desire to develop superior technical and artistic skills. We are committed to maintaining high academic standards while upholding the principle of accessible education. Centre for Arts and Technology admits students based on the expectation that students will be successful in achieving their professional goals or other objectives and make significant personal and professional contributions to the school, their work, and communities.

    If under some exceptional circumstance, the Centre should accept an applicant prior to meeting all of the admissions requirements, an agreement with conditions will account for the criteria and timing by which the student will acquire or demonstrate adequate competence to remain in the program and the applicant will acknowledge their formal gaps in a signed release that also holds the institution blameless should the student fail to satisfactorily complete the program of study or find employment. Prompt and equitable attention will be given to all applications. In programs where there is considerable competition and limited seats, Centre for Arts and Technology will select those applicants deemed to have the best opportunity for success.