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Employer and Industry Relations

Centre for Arts and Technology believes in the value of strong connections with local, national, and international industry. These connections are vital to the continued growth and success of our alumni and the prosperity of the industries we train for.

Through a variety of community events and touchpoints, we focus on fostering deep roots with our local community and industry partners. The value of these relationships cannot be understated and through this mutual support, we continue to grow together.


Connect With Us

We’d love to hear from you! Whether you have a unique job opportunity you think would be perfect for a CAT graduate or student, or are open to facilitating a workshop or presentation, we want to hear about it!

Tell us about your project or opportunity and when applicable, your details will be sent directly to students and/or alumni. Some opportunities may be eligible for curriculum inclusion, and if so, you will be contacted for follow-up.

In addition, if your organization sees an opportunity to work with Centre for Arts and Technology as a professional partner, please send us your details along with a brief description of your vision through the form below. We look forward to establishing a partnership with you.

Complete the form linked below to get started!

Industry Relations Form
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Please provide as much detail as possible as this info will be used in the email to contact students and/or alumni.
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In the Industry
Our Grads Have
Been Busy

When you’re inspired to pursue your passions, amazing things can happen! Our alumni enter the industry as highly desired artists and designers, audio engineers, filmmakers, photographers and creators. Here are just a few studios and organizations where you’ll find our award-winning alumni thriving!

Frequently Asked Questions
Let’s Get You Answers

I want to hire a CAT Graduate, how can I go about doing that?

Amazing news! The best place to submit your job or contract opportunity is the Hire a Student form, located further up on this page. Submit all your details to the form and our team will email your opportunity out to all applicable current students or graduates. From there, interested applicants will contact you directly.

I may have an opportunity to collaborate on a project with CAT students. I feel my project may make a good real-world project for CAT students as part of their learning. Whom do I contact about that?

We love collaboration! We ask that you complete our Hire a Student form, located above, and if our Education team deems the opportunity to be eligible for curriculum inclusion, we will reach out to you directly for additional details.

I’m interested in supporting CAT students and alumni as a professional partner. Who would I contact?

We appreciate your willingness to support our students and alumni and ask that you complete the Hire a Student form and let us know the details of your vision. We are always open to discussing new professional partnerships that support our students and alumni.

I’m interested in taking a tour of the CAT campus, how do I do that?

While our campus doors are always open to visitors, it is best to pre-book your visit to ensure you getthe most out of your experience. You can email us at or call 1.866.860.2787 to book your visit.

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