Digital Bootcamp

Spring 2024 Registration Closed

Registration for our 2025 camp will open on this page in the Fall of 2024. 


Mission Descriptions:

Acting Mission

Are you ready to take center stage? In this fun and engaging mission, you’ll learn what it takes to become an actor, and develop your own acting skills! During this intensive workshop, you will explore a variety of acting topics including voice and diction, improvisation, preparing for auditions, movement and breathwork, and more. Through both group and independent exercises, you’ll dive into this exciting career and set yourself on the path to center stage!

Mission Outcomes:

  • A fundamental understanding of the acting industry
  • Skills in improvisation, breathwork, movement and more
  • Performance feedback from your instructor and audition preparation skills

Animation Mission – SOLD OUT

Giving life to something has never been so rewarding. Create the illusion through character animation! Based on the fundamental principles of animation, this intensive workshop will ground you in the creative and technical process of character animation. Working in 2D and 3D software platforms, you will create the illusion of life through the animation of different objects and characters. Learn how a real animation production studio operates and open yourself to the unending possibilities that come with a career you love!

Mission Outcomes:

  • A fundamental understanding of animation principles and animated processes in both 2D and 3D pipelines
  • Short demo reel showcasing all of your 2D and 3D animations

Audio Engineering & Production Mission

In this audio production mission, you will be taken through the process of creating your own original song in Ableton Live! From composition and arrangement, through sound design and production, to finalizing your song with a solid mix and master, you will cover all the necessary steps to create your own finished track. You will also reimagine the audio for a video clip, flexing your creativity through unique sound FX, foley, and dialogue lines.

Mission Outcomes:

  • Your own song
  • Video clip customized with your own audio

Filmmaking Mission – SOLD OUT

From creative brainstorming and script formation to pre-production and post-production, you will play a key role in the creation of a short film. This introduction to filmmaking will test your teamwork, creativity, and skills that will ultimately result in a 5 – 10 minute short narrative film.

Mission Outcomes:

  • Your short film masterpiece

Graphic Design Mission

Take your ideas and turn them into reality with our Graphic Design Bootcamp! Join us for an immersive experience where you’ll learn the tools of the trade, understand the stories and reasoning behind logos we see every day, and discover how to create a brand from scratch. What makes a solid brand, and why are some successful while others fail? Whether you are new to the Adobe Suite or already have some experience, this workshop is designed for you. Transforming your ideas into stunning visual identities has never been more gratifying.

Mission Outcomes:

  • A fundamental understanding of the branding process
  • Basic understanding the Adobe Illustrator
  • Creation of a brand and logo (whether your own personal brand, re-brand, or create a fictional brand)

Photography Mission

Taking just the right photograph requires a highly trained eye. During this mission, you will learn how to stage, capture, and edit compelling photos. By learning the technical elements, design concepts, and post-processing skills, this workshop will turn you into a camera-wielding wonder!

Whether taking a casual portrait or composing a conceptual masterpiece, learn all of the tricks to creating a work of art through the lens. This mission is perfect for all shutterbugs and will show you how to capture your perfect photograph in a unique and creative way!

Mission Outcomes:

  • A new-found passion that will bring a student’s photograph to life
  • Basic understanding of camera controls and operation
  • Studio lighting and outdoor lighting control
  • Creative direction of models

Here’s Why You Should Attend

  1. YOU will get to experience four days in the life of a CAT student and explore careers in arts and technology
  2. YOU will learn new hands-on skills from industry pros
  3. YOU will join a squad of like-minded creatives
  4. It’s FUN!

You’ll also receive a completion certificate for the 4 days which can often be used towards high school graduation requirements! * Win Win!

(*Please inquire with your high school to see if this applies)