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Professional Photographers as your Instructors and mentors.


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Well-rounded, focused curriculum to get you successfully working as quickly as possible.


Degree Pathway Options

Established pathway with University of Gloucestershire in England.


Top Tech

Latest technology, facilities and equipment in a dedicated Professional Photography studio-classroom.

Alumni Feature

Department Head
Victor Poirier

Victor Poirier is a seasoned artist, seamlessly blending his passion for fine arts, photography, the moving image, and entrepreneurship in a remarkable, and award-winning career spanning broadcast television and education.

Victor’s artistic journey began at the age of 12, when he picked up a camera and began exploring his surroundings through the lens. This creative exploration eventually led to his first day on set, when, at just 17, Victor landed a position on a National Film Board (NFB) production. Afterwards, Victor went on to attend the University of Ottawa, where he delved into the world of fine arts. His time at the university not only honed his technical skills but also fueled his creative spirit, setting the stage for a lifelong dedication to visual arts.

Embracing an entrepreneurial spirit, Victor founded Erebus Productions and Panfilms, earning national and international awards for excellence in filmmaking. In 2001, he moved to Scotland, directing for BBC, ITV, STV, and BBC Gaelic, creating over 150 primetime television episodes.

Returning to Canada in 2010, Victor led the Film and Photography departments at Centre for Arts and Technology, reshaping curriculum and facilities with his years of industry expertise. Under his guidance, both departments are flourishing, producing talented graduates prepared for the evolving film and photography landscape.

Victor’s artistic journey continues to evolve, driven by a curiosity to explore new perspectives and narratives. His dedication to timeless storytelling through the lens defines a career harmonizing creativity, technical skill, and a relentless pursuit of excellence.