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Behind the Lens: The Rise of AV Media – A Journey from Graduation to Award-Winning Filmmakers

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What’s In a Name?

In the dynamic realm of filmmaking, where creativity meets technical prowess, four ambitious graduates have transcended the conventional career path to forge their own cinematic destiny. Meet the visionary minds behind AV Media, a burgeoning film production company that is carving their own way through the film industry, one award at a time.

In the vast landscape of aspiring filmmakers, these individuals stand out not only for their academic accomplishments but also for their unparalleled commitment to storytelling. As recent graduates, they started their own production company and set out to take the film festival circuit by storm.

Intrigued by their rapid ascent, we sat down with the masterminds of AV Media to unravel the secrets behind their success. What started as a shared passion for visual storytelling has now evolved into a production company with a very bright future.

Join us as we delve into the behind-the-scenes narrative of AV Media, exploring the challenges they faced, the lessons they learned, and the milestones they’ve achieved. Get ready for an inside scoop on the creative process, the collaborative spirit, and the sheer determination that has propelled these graduates into the limelight.

The Recipe for Success

Q: Your company, AV Media, was founded by all CAT Professional Filmmaking Alumni. Can you tell us a bit about how the company came to be and what inspired the name? (AV Media is a production company proudly operated by alumni Rachelle Hughes, Brammon Edwards, Riley Eberts, and Justin Boechler.)

A: During the Professional Filmmaking Program, students were divided into groups labeled by letters A, B, or C. We took this label very seriously and named ourselves Group A Productions. We all worked really well together and some of us decided that we could turn this into a real business. So, we did! In regard to the AV, Justin made such a great looking A logo for Group A Productions, that we just couldn’t let that go. 

Q: What do you think sets AV Media apart from other production companies?

A: We believe our greatest asset is how personable we can be with our team and clients. We always check in and make sure that everyone’s needs are met and everyone is comfortable in whatever project we are working on. We always try new filming techniques and are always interested in experimenting.

Q: What was the highlight of the Professional Filmmaking program for your team? 

A: The highlight for our team and probably the first time we thought we could start our own company was during our final exam. We had to create a film in under 48 hours, and we excelled in that stressful environment. We ended up creating a project that we were all very happy with. 

Q: What were your biggest takeaways from the Professional Filmmaking program that have helped your team succeed? 

A: Throughout everything from the program, the biggest takeaway was the connections we made along the way. Our team, the school staff, and the instructors really made the experience spectacular. We wouldn’t be where we are today without the whole experience at CAT. 

Q: What motivates you as a team? 

A: We are motivated by creativity, a joy for filmmaking & building relationships. Our current goal right now is to network within our community and eventually start working on projects that matter not only to us but local businesses. I think we would all agree that if we bring joy to even one person with our projects, then we’ve succeeded.

Q: Can you tell us a bit about the recent awards you’ve won and what is next for AV Media?

A: During the summertime we participated in many local film festivals. So far, we participated in the Okanagan PeachFest, Okanagan 48 Hour Film Project, and HorrorFest! We placed top 5 in PeachFest with our short film, then we won Best Writing, Best Editing, Best Film Poster, and 2nd Best Film for the 48 Hour Film Project, and then finally Best Story, Best Acting, and People’s Choice for Horrorfest. Because of our success in the 48 Hour Film Project, we have been given another opportunity to participate in the Yes We Cannes Global Film Challenge. Which is essentially another 48 Hour Project, except now on a worldwide scale. The top 15 films will go to Filmapalooza in Portugal and the top 8 from that will be showcased at the Cannes Film Festival in France.

What’s Next?

Q: What challenges did you face in participating in the various festivals and awards and how did you overcome them? 

A: With every project, things are always going to go wrong, and oh boy have things gone wrong. But our biggest challenge is sourcing equipment to make these projects into reality. Being fresh out of college and being a new film production group, it’ is difficult to obtain all the necessary equipment. However, because of all the connections made on this journey, we are super thankful for all the wonderful people lending us equipment and allowing us to showcase our talents. 

As we conclude our journey into the captivating world of AV Media, we extend our heartfelt congratulations to these extraordinary filmmaking graduates. Their unwavering dedication, artistic vision, and relentless pursuit of excellence have not only earned them accolades but they are now inspiring the next generation of aspiring storytellers. As AV Media continues to carve its path through the cinematic landscape, we eagerly anticipate the unveiling of more masterpieces that push the boundaries of creativity. Here’s to the team’s continued success, as they venture into film festivals worldwide, captivating audiences and leaving an indelible mark on the film industry. May their passion for storytelling fuel a legacy that resonates far and wide, inspiring countless others to dream big, dare greatly, and bring their unique narratives to life on film. Cheers to the future of AV Media! 

If you’re interested in realizing your own filmmaking dreams, please make sure to check out our Professional Filmmaking program page.