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CAT Alumni Lands Film Job in Kelowna 

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Film Alumni Finds Career at Local Production Company

In case you haven’t heard, the film industry in the Okanagan Valley is booming!  Even though Vancouver may be known as Hollywood North, the Okanagan has secured its spot as a highly desirable shooting and production location for film studios.  

Thanks to diverse shooting location options, a talent pool of local filmmakers and onset staff, as well as regional studio support and tax incentives, the Okanagan has solidified itself as a top contender for studios considering shooting in B.C. Living and working in a creative career in the Okanagan is a dream for many and recent graduate of our Diploma in Professional Filmmaking, Anne Billingsley, is now among those enjoying this enticing work/life balance. We recently caught up with Anne and asked her what she’s been up to since graduation.  

Program and grad date

Professional Filmmaking | October 2021  

What are you doing now?

I’m currently in Kelowna working at Enderby Entertainment as Project and Office Manager.

Top tip for current students?

Some of the best advice I got when I started at CAT was to treat it like a job. Be reliable, communicative, and learn from your mistakes.  

What was the most valuable thing you learned during your program?

The most valuable learning experience for me was getting the chance to write and direct my own projects with the film equipment at the school and a network of people ready to help out.  WHAT ARE YOUR LONG-TERM CAREER GOALS?

No matter what I hope to focus on storytelling in the future, whether that’s through filming, editing or writing. I’m curious about every stage of production and everything that goes into telling a narrative.  

Make sure to check out Anne’s short documentary film The Domestic Rabbit – A Short Documentary, on YouTube and keep an eye open for her name in future blockbuster credits! Congratulations on your success Anne. For more information on our Professional Filmmaking program, check out our program page, or book an appointment with a Filmmaking Program Advisor by calling 1.866.860.ARTS or fill out an inquiry form