At Centre for Arts and Technology – Kelowna, we offer fully accredited Certificate and Diploma programs with specialized hands-on training for careers in the areas of digital art, design, entertainment, and information technology.

All of our programs are delivered with a mix of teaching and learning methods by industry professional instructors and mentors, to give you a competitive edge and a portfolio of experience leading up to graduation. This makes you job ready in just 6, 12, 18, or 24 months, depending on which program you choose.

Take some time to explore our program options by visiting the program pages listed below. If you have any questions along the way, you can live chat with us, give us a call at 1-866-860-2787 or request information via email at

2D Animation & Digital Art

Are you an animation fanatic? The kind of person who hates waking up to an alarm clock for school but can always jump out of bed for Saturday morning cartoons? Does “taking notes” in class mean constantly doodling and day-dreaming about far-away fantasy worlds and colourful characters? If so, 2D Animation & Digital Art is the program for you!

3D Animation

You’ve always been creative and had your finger on the pulse of the latest trends in technology. Video games are a bit of an obsession, and a career that requires a suit and tie is just not what you have in mind. Working with a team of talented colleagues on the next blockbuster game or animated feature is where you see yourself in the near future. It’s time to bring your dreams to life.

Audio Engineering & Production

You’ve always had an ear for good music, and you know that the proper score or soundscape can become a character of its own. You recognize that sound creates the environment, and the perfect song or sound effect can change the mood of a scene in an instant. Are you ready to set the tone for your future?

Audio Engineering Fundamentals

Your friends have always considered you the audiophile of the bunch. Your music library is flawless with every song in crystal clear resolution, and EQ’d for perfectly balanced sound. The debate of vinyl versus digital is something you’ve shared your opinion on more than once, and you know that the producer of an album is every bit as important as the talent on the other side of the microphone. Are you ready to amp up your audio career?

Digital Filmmaking

Learn everything there is to know about digital filmmaking from the Centre for Arts and Technology digital film school. At one of the leading digital film schools in Canada, our digital filmmaking program has established the reputation as “the filmmaker’s film school” allowing students to work with our industry pros while gaining valuable knowledge and industry insights.

Digital Music Production

Sound has always captivated you. You love creating beats that make people get up and move. The idea of creating soundscapes that change people’s lives is the ultimate goal. You know what you want to do…but until now you never thought you could turn your passion into a real career. The truth is, the music industry needs people just like you! Get the training and guidance you need to take it to the next level as a Digital Music Professional.

Digital Photography

Discover what it means to take your passion of digital photography and turn it into an exciting, rewarding and fulfilling career at The Centre for Arts and Technology digital photography school ; one of the leading digital photography schools in Canada. Learn every aspect of the artistic, technical and historical sides of digital photography while compiling a professional portfolio through classroom, studio and real life assignments offered at the Centre for Arts and Technology digital photography school.

Early Childhood Education

We believe that children learn through play and that they must be free to choose what they want to do in an environment that is safe and stimulating. When Early Childhood Educators support this play in a warm and nurturing manner, children’s development is enhanced in all aspects. We are committed to developmentally appropriate practices, and culturally sensitive and inclusive childcare.

Graphic & Web Design

As a graduate of the 15 month Graphic & Web Design Diploma program, you will be a master of design for both on and offline projects. You'll leave with a thorough knowledge of industry-standard software (Adobe Suite), computer graphics and a solid footing in marketing and branding principles including target marketing, messaging, print & production, front-end website design and digital marketing foundations.

Interior Design

You don’t just want to design a functional space…your goal is to create a masterpiece. You see beauty and potential in every room…waiting for just the right blend of know-how and imagination (yours!). You understand that every line, every curve, every colour come together as a symphony to form the desired look and mood. Interior design is in your future, and Centre for Arts and Technology, one of the leading interior design schools in Canada, will help take you there.

Network Administrator Specialist

If you are a tech-minded person, ready for a dynamic career in one of the fastest growing jobs in the world, Centre for Arts and Technology’s Network Administrator Specialist program is for you! Our Network Security training prepares you for the challenges of a career in the IT industry, teaching you the skills you need to succeed and protect the complex system that runs our day to day lives.

Network Security Specialist

The problem with digital information is that it’s bendable, breakable, hackable, and open to theft, and because of this, the need for security professionals is expected to continue to increase exponentially. If you are a tech-minded person who loves computers, networks, and problem solving, come and apply your talents to train for one of the fastest growing professions in one of our industry-driven Network Security training programs in Kelowna, BC.

Veterinary Hospital Assistant

Your energy, personality, and love for all creatures great and small makes you the perfect candidate for a career in animal care. You are a calming influence to both animals and their owners, and you can think of nothing more rewarding than making sure people and their pets get the very best of care. The Veterinary Hospital Assistant program will introduce you to lifelong friends who share your love for animals. This is a career where you really can make a difference by the end of the workday.

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