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2016 News! We are proud to announce that Centre for Arts and Technology has now partnered with Langara College, Continuing Studies to offer our Animation for Game, Film & Visual Effects Program at Langara’s downtown Vancouver campus in 2017! Read our press release for more information.  Centre for Arts and Technology also has an articulation agreement with the University of Gloucestershire in England. Read our blog for an interview with University of Gloucestershire instructor Don Parker. Mascot Slend for Centre for Arts and Technology

Are you an animation fanatic? The kind of person who hates waking up to an alarm clock for school but can always jump out of bed for Saturday morning cartoons? Does “taking notes” in class mean constantly doodling and day-dreaming about far-away fantasy worlds and colourful characters? If so, 2D Animation & Digital Art is the program for you! You could step into one of these exciting and rewarding careers:

  • Digital Animator
  • Character Designer
  • Storyboard Revisionist
  • Layout Artist
  • Background Artist
  • Illustrator


Animated characters are no longer seen only in Saturday morning cartoons or on the big screen—they’ve worked their way into online games, apps, TV commercials…pretty much everywhere you look! Though media may be ever-changing, our connection with animated characters will always remain. And the way in which those characters are brought to life today remains true to the early days of classical animation…So! Are you ready to take your place at the drawing board?! You will break into the job market with a professional portfolio and demo reel, showcasing your talent and your style to potential employers. A solid grasp of 2D Animation remains one of the key foundational skills many studios look for in hiring animators. Graduates of this program can be found working on some amazing projects, including: Rick and Morty • Rocket Monkeys • Camp Lakebottom • Teen Titans GO When our instructors aren’t in-class with students, they can be found working in the animation industry for animation studios such as: Atomic Cartoons • Yeti Farm Creative • Disney Interactive • Mercury Filmworks This accelerated program will give you the skills and training you need to dive into the animation industry, including: character design—layout and production—Digital Painting—Life Drawing—Cell Animation—Design for Online and Mobile Games—and more!

“Everyone and everything you connect with at Centre for Arts and Technology is your best resource to ensure that you make the most out of your passion and talent.” –     Devin James Watterston


Kelowna, Surrey

Program Length

15 months

Application Deadline

September 13

Course Flow

  • Semester 1
  • Semester 2
  • Semester 3
  • Semester 4
  • Semester 5

In this introductory quarter, you will learn the practical skills and knowledge that form the foundation of visual art in animation. In your initial Character Animation course, you will be introduced to the principles of animation and the application of traditional drawing in  2D animation. You will get an Introduction to the Animation Industry which covers the history of animation, its changing cultural significance, major past and current players/influencers, types of animation (2D, 3D, stop-motion, motion capture, etc.).  In your first Life Drawing course, weekly life drawing sessions will train you to render the human form accurately – a skill essential to 2D Animation.

In your second quarter, you will build upon the fundamental principles of animation acquired in your first quarter with further traditional study of human and animal mechanics and acting. You will concentrate on fine tuning your life drawing skills such as shading, perspective, anatomy, proportions, and other elements essential to artistically represent the human form.  The principles and rules of linear and organic perspective are covered alongside other drawing elements.  Digital painting and design for animation will be introduced to complement and broaden your artistic palette.

In your third quarter, you will transition from traditional animation into Digital Character Animation where, in addition to animating with studio quality assets, you will be introduced to the tools and techniques of working in this digital medium.  You will continue with more advanced life drawing training in which you will gain further knowledge of anatomy, structure, composition, line weight and rendering for portraying the human and animal form alongside developing the techniques and principles for strong character design. You will also become familiar with Storyboarding, where you will practice creating sequential art to convey story and character in visual media.

In your fourth quarter, you will continue honing the process and techniques of 2D Digital Character Animation through the application of industry standard methods and software tools.  You will add essential breadth to your 2D art portfolio through traditional mixed media study in life drawing with water color painting, marker and ink rendering, pencil and pastel as well as design principles and elements as it relates to design in animation.  You will begin the pre-production process of pitching and developing an idea for your final project which allows you to explore the creative freedom of realizing your own idea, while putting into practice everything you have learned about the process of an animated show pipeline.

In this crucial final quarter, you will benefit from the guidance and mentoring of your professional instructors and success coaches designed to aid you in securing employment after graduation. Digital Character Animation will continue to teach and reinforce more advanced techniques, allowing you to hone your animation skills to the level of employability.  Your final project will enter the key production phase and you will learn to use digital editing and post-production processes in the delivery of this final project and professional demo reel and portfolio site.



Graduating in 1992, Sean jumped right into animating and developing CD-Rom games for an independent video game company in Oakville, Ont.  In 1994 the attraction of the west coast and the burgeoning Vancouver animation industry led Sean to work at major pre-production houses in the Lower Mainland such as ‘Studio ‘B’ Productions’ and ‘Bardel Entertainment’ designing  on many television shows such as “The Magic School Bus”, and “Tales from the Cryptkeeper”.  In 1996 ‘Disney’ came to Vancouver and over the next 4 years Sean helped animate many feature-length projects including the award winning “Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas”.

Always looking for a challenge and a chance to broaden his skills, Sean accepted a position as a computer graphic artist on the ‘NBA Live’ team at Electronic Arts Canada in Burnaby, BC.

In 2000, Sean started his teaching career, joining the ‘Centre for Digital Imaging and Sound’ as an instructor while working full-time in the industry.  In 2002, Sean was offered the full-time position of Animation department head at the ‘Center for Arts and Technology’ in Fredericton, New Brunswick and decided to make the journey back east with his family.

Sean is back in BC and has been with the Centre for Arts and Technology for over 11 years in the role of Department Head and full time instructor.

To learn more about working in the Animation Industry, you can listen to our PODCAST  with Sean on our Soundcloud Stream. 


Wilson Leung’s career has been vast and impressive. Graduating in 1996, Wilson wasted no time and jumped in to work on one of the biggest toy franchise animation show, Transformers. In addition, Wilson also worked on Reboot, the world first 3D animated TV show. After completing a few more animation show such as War Planet and Weirdoh, Wilson moved on to pursue his video game career in the year 2000. 

With the mentality of only working with the best, Wilson decided to join Electronic Arts, one of the largest video game studios on the planet. As a Lead Motion Capture Specialist, Animator and Manager, he has worked on many award-winning AAA titles. For example, Harry Potter, Lord of the Ring, Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Need for Speed, Madden, NHL, FIFA, Dead Space, Dante’s Inferno, God Father, Medal of Honor, MMA UFC, Fight Night, FIFA Street, NBA Street, Army of Two, Def jam, Skate … the list goes on and on. He has also worked with many celebrities such as top professional golfer, Tiger Woods, Street basketball team And1, baseball super star Luis Gonzalez, NBA Star Stromile Swift … etc. Other than video games, he has also worked on Gillette commercial featuring Tiger Woods, Roger Federer, and Thierry Henry. While Wilson was busy managing many projects, he has also acquired a Bachelor of Technology Management at BCIT to further upgrade his skills. 

Wilson found success in both the animation and video game industries, but he chose to never keep the knowledge to himself. Starting in 2002, he started to share what he learned from his profession. After acquiring the professional Provincial Instructor Diploma, Wilson has taught at many prestigious schools, such as BCIT, CDIS, Vancouver Film School, Think Tank, Langara College, and Centre for Arts and Technology. In 2003, Wilson was interviewed by BCIT. In his Article, “Electronic Arts Meets the BCIT Classroom”, he shared his vision on the relationship between gaming and education. In 2010, Wilson left EA to pursue his passion for education; he wanted to transform the classroom into a workplace-like learning environment. He decided to move to beautiful Kelowna and joined the best Art School in Okanagan area, Centre for Arts and Technology. He worked closely with Animation Department Head, Sean Ridgway, who was a Disney Animator, to revise the whole 3D animation curriculum. His vision? To transform the classroom into a professional studio environment.  

In 2014, Wilson left Kelowna and returned to Vancouver for family reasons. He rejoined EA and worked on one of the largest video game franchises in the world; FIFA.  In 2018, Langara college interviewed him for an article and video to talk about his more than 20-year career in animation and video games, with the goal to inspire young minds. At the same time, Chinese game giant NetEase invited Wilson to do a Game Talk sharing. At present, Wilson is the Animation Department Head at Centre for Arts and Technology’s Surrey Campus as well as the Lead Instructor at Langara College. He is leading and managing the exciting, fun, and rewarding animation programs. His goal very simple: to make your passion into your profession. 


Norm Roen graduated from Sheridan College’s three year animation program as a traditional animator. He’s done a variety of work all over the world from South Korea, Taiwan and China. For these careers his clients consisted of Disney, Universal and Studio Bin Vancouver. Norm also worked as an overseas director in Shanghai for Berliner Film Company. His jobs have included animator, layout artist, background painter, director and overseas director. Norm has had an exciting teaching career at Harbin University of Science and Technology in China, and now passes on his wealth of knowledge and expertise in 2D animation, to students at Centre for Arts and Technology.


Vincenzo is a Saskatchewan born artist, spending his early career doing a variety of unique projects; from having a successful art showing to branding a local arts festival, and running a small art card business to graphic illustrating for magazines.  Graduated with honours from Algonquin College Animation program in Ottawa, Ontario and began his professional animation career while still finishing his third year of school. He has contributed to a variety of projects in a range of styles and genres including: “The Cat in The Hat Knows a Lot About That!”, “Transformers Rescue Bots”, “X-Men” motion comics, and the new hit show “Rocket Monkeys”.

Vincenzo currently works as a animation supervisor at Yeti Farm Creative and continuse to pursue new and exciting projects that challenge and inspire him.


Brandon is a 2D animator that specializes in Flash animation. He has over 7 years of professional experience working on a multitude of Flash projects ranging from game development to production animation. Currently he’s working for Atomic Cartoons, through Yeti Farm Creative, on the production Rocket Monkeys.


Born and raised in Pakistan, Tina travelled within the country and overseas with her diplomat father.

Trained as a Graphic Designer, her artistic journey has been that of an explorer. She works in a variety of mediums, of which pastels are her medium of preference. Often enjoying an “explosion” of colours, Tina finds working with a limited palette equally thrilling. Light cascading over forms, natural or man-made, is the driving force that compels her to paint as she strives to capture a specific moment in time.

Portraits, figurative art and landscapes are the themes Tina is currently featuring in her paintings and pastels.

Since 1976, Tina has exhibited in group and solo shows in the United Kingdom, USA, Canada, Pakistan and Dubai. In 2004 she moved to Kelowna after a 13 year stay in Dubai. The Okanagan landscape has mesmerized her, compelling her to paint this area, which she says is a true labour of passion.


Internationally Renowned Artist  and Art Instructor.

Elizabeth Dykosky’s work is unique and shows extraordinary colour use and remarkable talent wielding the brush or the pallet knife. Her work has been exhibited at various galleries throughout the world, among others in Italy(Rome), Canada(Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, and Kelowna), the USA(Detroit), as well as the United Arab Emirates(Dubai and Salalah). Her paintings belong to the private collection of the Vatican, Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai, and Shanfari Group of Companies in Salalah, UAE.

Her pieces capture the essence of the subject to a degree that leaves a lasting impact on the viewer.


Kyle Angelucci is a 2013 graduate from the Centre for Arts and Technology (CATO), with 3 years of work experience he has worked on various projects ranging from Commercials to TV. Currently he has been working on the Children’s show “Max and Ruby” through Yeti Farm Creative in Kelowna B.C.


Nicole graduated from Capilano University two year animation program in 1999, Soon after graduating she started her first Job at Atomic Cartoon Inc. Working as a character designer, Prop designer and clean up artist on various TV shows such as “Zeta project”, ‘Braceface’ and “Atomic Betty”. Working on such a variety of cartoons made for a very wide adaptation in her design skills. Animation clean up is another skill she learned along her journey when working on the Voyage of Sinbad for Bardel in league with Dreamworks. Attending over a dozen Comic conventions and speaking as a guest on character design and what to expect when pursuing a career in animation. You will still find her doing most of her artwork traditional and encouraging others to embrace bringing art to life on paper.


Born in Winnipeg, raised in Ontario, Sarita moved out West to complete her MFA at UVic in 1995.  Sarita’s passions include making and teaching art, and she has been doing both actively over the past 22 years. Accepted to SFU in the Arts Education program, Sarita is working towards a PhD.

Over her varied career, Sarita has had the opportunity to work in the Design industry as a composer, graphic designer and Artistic Designer.  This valuable work experience in the Design industries  gave her opportunities to apply Design Thinking and integrate the parameters of projects with current technological softwares and processes.  The process allows for  in-depth considerations which flow between the users and/or viewers and the products or designs themselves.

Sarita has been exhibiting artwork for 2 decades.  She is a member of an artists team called, GreenLight, a group dedicated to cultural collaboration.  This group has won 2 art competitions in 2017, installed in 2018.  The group focuses on wood projects, integrating indigenous carving techniques with modern building technologies.  The works aim to incorporate recycled and/or re-purposed materials with innovative collaborative designs, to create new and sustainable visions for celebrating diversity and creating pathways to reconciliation.

Sarita is an expert in arts education, with her vast and varied experiences both inside and outside the classroom.  She is passionate about teaching art and discovering new and innovative research in the pedagogy of arts education.  Teaching subjects such as Lifedrawing, Design, Colour Theory, Sculpture and Design history, Sarita has had the pleasure of being a faculty member at Emily Carr U, Capilano University, and Langara College.   She cherishes the creative values that art has to give students, as their minds open up to the development of creative solutions to design problems.


Andy Bartlett has worked as an artist in the animation industry for over thirty years. Starting as designer for ‘The Care Bear Movie’ in Toronto, he migrated to Paris to work on an Asterix production before finally settling in Vancouver. Working as an animator, storyboard artist, designer and more. Andy has contributed to many studios, such as Nelvana, International Rocketship, Atomic and DHX. A Leo award winning director for his work on “Being Ian”, his handiwork can be seen on such diverse productions as “My Little Pony”, “Ren and Stimpy”, and the feature “Tank Girl”. Besides pursuing his own dreams, Andy has helped countless students pursue theirs through his role as an animation instructor for the past 25 years.

Graduate Success

Devon James Watterston

“Everyone and everything you connect with at Centre for Arts and Technology is your best resource to ensure that you make the most out of your passion and talent.” - Devon James Watterston