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Student Work | Janel Heighton

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Janel Heighton, previous student council president at Centre for Arts and Technology, is aiming to become an Environment Modeler.  Before she started at Centre for Arts and Technology, she was studying Architecture at Dalhousie University. While she loved the hands-on work, it was difficult to work with such huge class sizes – Teachers didn’t know who you were, and it was difficult to get any one-on-one help. “CAT actually contacted me because I had mentioned it in passing on Twitter, and they brought me in within a week to do a tour,” says Janel.  “The teachers were so welcoming and everyone seemed to know each other.”  At Centre for Arts and Technology, Janel is getting to do the same think she loved about her architecture program, and getting the community feel she had been looking for in a school. 

Right now, she is freelancing, tutoring and TA’ing for the school, on the side of her part-time job and studies. Outside of the obvious experience she’s gained from working with the software we’re given, the workload has shown her how to multi-task and stay organized with a heavy schedule/workload. 

Janel recommends Centre for Arts and Technology to others who are looking for a school that’s willing to put in extra effort to teach the skills for your career and do what it takes to launch you into the workforce.  “As long as you’re making an effort to succeed, you’ll do amazing,” says Janel.   

Read more about Janel’s work on her Pinterest and view her demo reel:  https://vimeo.com/82288097  

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