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Audio Engineering & Production Alumni Cory Sewell Headshot

Corey Sewell

I was always fascinated at how sound and music can heighten your perceptual experience. The Audio Engineering & Production instructors did an excellent job of preparing me for my career. I now live in Vancouver and record location dialogue for …

CAT Alumni Kyle Andrus

Kyle Andrus

I really liked the diversity of places and teachers. We were in big studios, small studios, analogue, digital, etc. Now that I am graduated, I work as an audio director and as a freelance audio engineer in live and studio …

Audio Engineering & Production Alumni Brandon Dorsey Headshot

Brandon Dorsey

Centre for Arts and Technology has not only given me the skills and knowledge I need but also shown me how to take what I’ve learned and produce a career in the Audio Industry. They also provided me with the …

CAT Alumni Tyler Martens

Tyler Martens AKA Stickybuds

Centre for Arts and Technology was a great hub for me to hone my audio skills, as well as realize what I wanted to do for my career. Since graduation, I have done work for FM Radio as a commercial …

CAT Alumni Aaron Zuber

Aaron Zuber

My time at Centre for Arts and Technology was not only an extensive source of information giving me an excellent head start in production but also an excellent tool, teaching me how to teach myself more advanced and complicated concepts …

Audio Engineering and Production Program | School Reviews | Centre for Arts and Technology

Trevor Snow

Centre for Arts and Technology provided the facilities and instruction I needed to acquire a job in the ever-changing world of audio/video. The instructors went “over and above” helping me gain the skills I needed to succeed and here I …