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Audio Engineering & Production

Where our students make sound and music come to life

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Audio Engineering & Production Diploma Program

You’ve always had an ear for good music, and you know that the proper score or soundscape can become a character of its own. You recognize that sound creates the environment, and the perfect song or sound effect can change the mood of a scene in an instant. Are you ready to set the tone for your future?

In just 18 months, as a graduate of the Audio Engineering & Production program, you could be at the helm of the soundboard for a worldwide concert tour, in the studio recording up-and-coming artists or recording sound effects for the next big video game.

Audio Engineering and Production program graduates are employed in a number of different careers, including:

  • Recording Engineer
  • Music Producer
  • Post-Production Engineer
  • Sound Designer
  • Sound Studio Assistant
  • Location Audio Engineer
  • Foley Artist

This focused AEP curriculum will give you the skills and training you need to dive into the industry, including: Pro Tools, Ableton Live—Music Composition & Production—Audio for Film and Video Games—Live Sound.  

If audio engineering and production is in your future, Centre for Arts and Technology – one of the leading creative and technical schools in Canada – will help take you there.

Learn in-demand skills.

Do the things you’ve always wanted.

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What do you want to do after you’ve completed your Centre for Arts and Technology program? We’ve got options for you! Check out our pathway programs and continue your education at other institutions in Canada and across the globe.

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